Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Not Long Now

Oh I found I had this one already. May as well post it now. Night!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Counting the days

So many images. It's hard to know where to start. I like this. I've got some nice ones from Catherine too. of the neon. I'll put some up soon. haha. it's all looking great. I hope I can do the work justice with MY photos. (lessons from Jade are helping, but not quick enough). I hope to have a slide show of lots of images running over the weekend. Mabye in the Long Now Cafe.. so if you happen to have lots (as Jade and Catherine do.. (Jade has given me hers already) it would be good to get them on CD or flash drive to add to the mix.

IMPORTANT ! Kate Shone has come up with a nice idea for a photographic installation - which means everyone needs to get shot .. in front of Slim's work, wearing Slim's hat. Getz and I will take the snaps. Kate has gathered the picture frames (in an extraordinary display of inspired op shopping.) YOU need to be photographed. Please make a point of grabbing me or getz to take the shot or you will be left out.. and then it just won't be the same.

JUST AS IMPORTANT! I need words. anything up to 200 words I guess. by the weekend please!.

MORE TO COME. I have nearly finished the programme of whats on. who's what and where. I should have that to you all by tomorrow. so look out for that! hope you can make it to all the relevant things.


FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER - an informal night of formalities to kick the weekend off
6.00pm @ the Nowa Nowa Community Room
+ Launch the Long Now weekend and the Open for Inspection project by local elder Elaine Mullett and Mayor Mendy Urie and NNCDG President Eric Gascoigne
+ Premiere Screening of Precious Little (a short film by Malcolm McKinnon made in Nowa Nowa)
+ Celebrating the opening of the re-made and man-made and indige-'nouse' exhibitions
+ Toasting our new Community Room; the Petanque Piste & East Gippsland Petanque Tournament; & installation of our new Outdoor Sculpture, BBBollard by Tricia Allen

Some might like to then join us for dinner at Mingling Waters Please book with Mike Ryan on 5155 7247 if you want to have dinner (at your own expense). Quite a few people are staying / camping for the whole weekend.

(PS. The Mayor (Mendy Urie), Mandy Grinblatt from Arts Victoria, Sue Strano from RAV and Malcolm McKinnon from RAV [and also the film maker] will all be at mingling waters for dinner. so please come if you can.. ). (I'd like to feel loved, thanks).

Wander past the Open for Inspection project to ooh and aah en route to Mingling Waters.


9.00am Cycle: Friends of EG Rail Trail (cyclists) leave Orbost or Bruthen.
9.00am Cruise: The Rubeena (electric-powered wooden boat) leaves Lake Tyers Beach (Fisherman's Landing) for Nowa Nowa. [$30 incl refreshments][Arrives midday - 3 hour cruise)
9.00am Textile: @ re-made. exhibition opens
9.00am Contraptions: man-made. exhibition of locally made contraptions & secret nowa nowa gems opens
9.30am Art @ the house. princes highway. nowa nowa. Opening the doors of the 'Open for inspection' house.
10.00am Petanque @ the piste
Petanque registrations & play begins.
10.30am Art: The Official Opening of Open for Inspection - with the help of McCubbin Properties and Cranium Galleries. **

**Really hope all the artists will here for the opening. Domestic Goddesses welcome.

You can vote in Nowa Nowa. so don't let that stop you. (Polling booth is at the Health Centre).

ok.. lots more where that came from!
see you
A & G

Sunday, October 28, 2007

tafe at work. rough plans for the LONG NOW weekend

Well Catherine's crew made a good start last week. despite the drizzle :-) looking good!
Hopefully everyone else is beavering away getting their stuff ready for the 10th of November.. I think Getzel is hoping to have most work in by then.. (so .. we won't have a big day on the 3rd as planned, we'll do it on the 10th instead. (the 3rd is Cup weekend, and Marcus and Dore are having a 'do' at their place) .

oh . by the way. we are now listed at the Visit Victoria site:

and getting about 50 hits a day on the website.

and I think i have received a petanque team registration form - yay. sounds like a tournament.

alllsoooo.. we have started mailing out invitations (not doing a huge mailout.. mainly to funding bodies, mayors, councillors that sorta thing).

The plan is that there will be a launch of the LONG NOW weekend (and 'the movie') on the Friday night (6ish), then have a pay for yourself dinner at Mingling Waters aftewards (7ish). (quite a few people are camping Fri-Sun). Just a social affair.. but hopefully with a few starters.

Open for Inspection opens to the public at 9ish on Saturday.. with speeches/cheers at about 10.30. (sorry, I can't remember the exact times..and cant be bothered getting up to find them.. but will be more definite in the next email)... just wanted to give you the gist in advance.

And don't forget, you CAN VOTE in nowa nowa on saturday. (polling booth is usually at the Nowa Nowa Nudes hall )


Even John has arrived!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Work begins in earnest

Bob provides evidence of his credentials.

Another nice day at the house before things get serious.
And yes - things have started to move along nicely. More and more people dropping in to find out what's going on. The toothbrush count is slowly climbing. Donations arriving from all corners of EG.
Oh and while I'm thinking of it.. we are hoping to change the date of the next artist day. I think we are booked for November 3 - but hope to change it to November 10 . Hopefully that won't change people's progress. I think we hope to be fully installed by Nov 10 - to allow time for final tweaking. and general panic.

oh. lots more pix to upload, but will pace myself. Jade and Rhiannon have been and, sadly, gone. They were amazing. and Jade took loads of great pix. will add them over the next few days.

tks everyone. it really is quite fun.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

nowa nowa's artist in residence - Jade Pegler

2 days down. and going well. the stuff looks gorgeous. the room is perfect. lots of nice people dropping in. Jade and Rhiannon coping well with us all.

Jade is here until October 11. We are in the Community Room beside the Health Centre between about 11am-3pm. do drop in. :-)
Next week we might spend more time at 'the house'. over the road.
Oh - and don't forget. artists' day at the house this saturday [the 6th]
We're thinking about what to do for lunch. suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Toothbrush plea

Marcus and Dore still need your toothbrushes. I love these pix (taken by Linus). Shaggy dogs can be dropped at the East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale; the Metung Store, Haiq/Purpose , Lakes Entrance; our 'the house' in Nowa Nowa.